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Teak Root Furniture

Teak root furniture are sought after by buyers both for his own collection to beautify their homes, as well as wholesale buyers to import from Indonesia for resale in their country.

Teak root coffee table is sample very easy to make compared with the root teak chair, teak root bench, or another style of teak root furniture. Characters from teak stump shape can already functioned as a table so that just needs a little repair and polish to be a teak root coffee table unique, beautiful high artistic merit and be ready for sale.

Teak root coffee table taken from the stump is also very strong and durable, the stump is taken up by the roots and then on leave outside exposed to rain and heat in a time long enough to ensure that the stump and roots are not damaged and cracks to make a furniture . Then the craftsmen will make it as teak root coffee table unique and different for each table that had been created in accordance with the ideas and inspiration at the time of the craftsmen to see a stump and roots will be like.

There are furniture and handicraft several models of teak root coffee table is a table with a single stump, cut stump with legs from the roots, the roots upside given a glass-topped, and other buyers’ demand adjust.

craft entrepreneurs to seek the roots of this identity you can visit the, where the various models and forms very much,  is also relative cheap price.

Provides many sources of high quality teak root furniture for wholesale buyers with factory price.


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